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What would happen if you stood really still?

My daughter and I like to play a game when we’re outdoors. We stop whatever busyness has consumed our mind and conversation, we hold hands, close our eyes, take a deep breath in and just listen.

We listen. Just listen.

Then without opening our eyes or loosening our grasp, we take turns saying what we hear.

It’s magical. The sights we see are suddenly transformed into a brilliant expression of sound.

Look at that little lemon grow!

Tonight I was watering the cut garden alone while she and hubby scoured the woods for salmon berries. My mind was occupied with all that I needed to do when I got back inside:

Get her off to bed. Empty the dishwasher. Lay out everything for Sunday morning. Shower after being outdoors all afternoon in the sun. Record grades. Fold laundry. Start more laundry. You get the idea.

That to-do list was very valid, but here’s the deal: I wasn’t enjoying the simplicity of the moment. So I stopped. Turned off the water.

I closed my eyes.

And I listened. Just listened.

Darling yellow peony.

I could hear 4 different types of birds chirping away.

A bullfrog croaking his tune.

Water running at the neighbor’s lush garden.

The kitten’s bell on her collar. (Oh how she wants to catch a hummingbird!)

A soft breeze that rustled the remaining azalea blooms in such a manner that I could both hear them and smell their intoxicating scent. It’s just like a lilac. Heavenly.

Gorgeous and fragrant.

The symphony of sounds continued.

At this point a bumble bee made it’s way past me. Buzzing. filled my ears.

Not a bumble bee, but one of our cute honey bees!

My daughter’s laughter as she kicked a ball all the way up the hill.

A car briefly interrupted another bird’s song, but it quickly turned into a hum and I was brought back to the sounds of nature.

A hummingbird zipped by.

The bullfrog made one last big yelp before being joined by a whole chorus of bullfrogs.

I opened my eyes and smiled. My mind was no linger on that to do list. It would wait.

My mind was fixed on the here and now:

The beauty of this moment. My family. Our budding homestead. God’s goodness.

That is something just too special to miss out on.

Even the grainy-ness of a night time picture can’t drown out this beauty!

If you want to hear a beautiful song about not missing out on the glory of God in the everyday click here. It’s on of my all time favorite Gordon Mote songs.

Unless otherwise noted, all photos are taken by yours truly and are exclusive content of this blog.

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