From My Heart

The Hard Day

From my personal journal August 2017.

It was a rough day. In general I have no major problems with my health. The occasional cold. sinus headache. nothing out of the ordinary. Except this time it was abnormal. A severe headache had left me with pain for several weeks. It came accompanied with other abnormal and lingering symptoms. And that morning I received news that a test came back with some not normal results. It was unnerving to say the least.

My little darling.

My little was with me when I received the news that something more serious could be wrong. I was shaken. It was so far from what I had expected to hear that I wasn’t prepared for something like that. She asked if I was OK. I told her that I needed some courage. I needed to be brave. Like the time she didn’t want to get near the wasp nest (understandably so, yet she did.) and she said. “Yes like the time I actually went up close to see that huge beetle!” Exactly. “Well mommy we should pray. That’s what helped me.”

Yes, my love. I needed that prayer.

“Dear Jesus, please heal Mommy. We all love her. Please heal all of her. Amen”

Sincerity filled every word.

Later that evening little tears filled her eyes. “Mommy, I want to sleep with you tonight. So that I can take care of you like you do when I’m sick at night.” OK my little love.  Even mommies need to be looked after. We snuggled in tightly as daddy hooked up the fans. It was too hot that night. The skies were hazy from the wildfires up north. The air was heavy.

I hadn’t used my singing voice in almost a month. ( Besides the occasional lullaby. I squeaked out upon request.) It hurt to sing most days. Tonight I sang to sooth her heart and take our minds off the heat.

Jesus Loves me this I know….

Yes, Jesus Loves ME.

It was as if time stood still. and the realization that He loves me was overwhelming. Me. He loves me. No mater where I was in life He had always loved me. And He loved me today. When my body hurt and my mind was full of questions regarding my health, His love  overwhelmed all of that.

He Loves ME.

Tears silently came down my cheek.

Lord, I love you.

And I love that you love me.

I need your love.

Today. Always.

Have you ever had a a moment that you so desperately needed to feel Gods love and protection and he ministered to you in the simplest of ways? I’d love to hear about it below.

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