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Some Years Are For Growing

Some years are for growing;

But this one,

This one is for


~ Lauren M. Garcia

Growing years.
Growing seasons.
They can be rough.

But in the end, if we allow the Almighty to use the circumstance for good, it will be beneficial.
It will hurt.
We might squirm in discomfort.
But it can make us stronger.
It can make us more resilient.
It can even make us want to grow again…
…just so we can bloom victorious once more.

This last year my health has not been the greatest. In fact some days were downright painful beyond bearing.

But here I am 14 months into this thing and I have realized that God used this physical pain for spiritual growth.
It caused us to pray more fervently.
It heightened our need to pray for others, not just ourselves.
It made me slow down to the point where it was painfully reminding me that I can’t do this alone.
It’s OK to accept help. It’s OK to delegate.
Is’t quite OK to simply say “I’m sorry, but I can’t” and not feel guilty about it.

If you are going through a season of stretching and growth that has brought on pain and discomfort, take heart.
Soon, my dears, it will be a time for blooming.

All photographs are taken by yours truly, unless otherwise noted. 


  • Unknown

    Hi Emily! Im Leah from a Natural Great post, very inspired. I am also a Christian, and this is really true that in times of trouble we can realize how much we really need our faith, and that God is mighty above all. I will keep your page in mind and make sure to check in! -Leah

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