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Roses for the Master Bedroom

Last February hubby was on a business trip in Texas and I made him promise that if he was anywhere near Magnolia Market Silos that he would go… for me… because that store is on my bucketlist and I wanted to live vicariously through him. He thought that he was staying possibly 4+ hours away. But upon arrival he found out that he was actually 2 hours away. Only 2 hours?!?! That’s doable right!  

Tulip fields with my little girl… and I’m wearing my Magnolia Farms hat!

Well he was an absolute sweetheart and made the 2 hour trek and braved the lines to surprise me. Oh surprise me he did! Besides a cute hat, tee and tote, he hid one item to be a gift for our anniversary a few weeks later. I had no clue that he had somehow fit this amazing Jimmy Don metal-works sign in his small carry on. 

grow old along with me the best is yet to be…

I squealed with joy when I saw it! I wanted to hang it up right away but was unsure where. I played around with it in several different rooms and on several different walls. But I kept coming back to an empty wall in our master bedroom. At that point we had only been in our dream home for 1 year and several walls were ( and are) still waiting for some love. 

It took a while, but here’s the vignette that I came up with a couple months ago and I’m loving it. 

The sign with the N is from hobby lobby, as is the picture frame on the armoire. 

This cute ceramic church was a Boutique find (Goodwill) and used to be perched on top of a cake stand on top of my kitchen cabinets in our last house. 

That darling turquoise dish is part of a set sold by Avon years ago. It had a perfume bottle on top. The dish was my Grandma’s and it is full of the very last roses she gave me before she passed. That picture was taken on our anniversary trip this year. It’s one of my favorites of the two of us… and I’m wearing my Magnolia Farms hat in the picture!

The large chippy frame was a Fancy Store ( Goodwill Outlet) find from years ago. I just dry brush painted the white haphazardly over the textured brown frame. Easy peasy! Over the years I have displayed different pictures and sayings seasonally. (You know me, I love to decorate seasonally!)

Isn’t that rose paper so pretty? Did you know that Hobby Lobby sells large patterned poster board? These were the three I was considering to fill this frame. 


Here is each on in the frame to give you an idea. They were all cute, but the pink roses won my heart. 

Now as you may know, my home is my playground. I love to change things up! So I used my non permanent trick for adding paper to empty frames without glass. 

Are you ready? 
It’s so high tech it may blow your mind!

Painters Tape! Yep, this allows me to change it out for the season or if I need to use the frame for a party I’m hosting and the colored paper doesn’t match. All you have to do is cut the paper so that is nestles in the inner lip of the frame where the glass would set. Tape it down. Voila! Instant cuteness. 

This just makes my heart happy!

What are your simple tricks to add instant pretty to you home? 
Have you blogged about it? 
Feel free to link to that post below. 
I’d love to check it out!

All photos are taken by yours truly unless otherwise noted, and are exclusive content of this blog. 
This is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own.


  • Conniecrafter

    I would love to go to Magnolia and the Silos, that is such a perfect anniversary present to give you that sign, that is so neat! Love how you decorated that area. I don't know that I have anything I change out like your frame, but that is such a cute idea!

  • So Sunny Day

    Thank you for your kind words. Wouldn't it be fun to have several hours to stroll around the Silos? Preferably in low season… although I don't know that there is one! haha!Have a wonderful day!Emily

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