Notes from the Garden #1

I am longing for spring over here. So while I wait oh so patiently for warmer weather, enjoy this journal entry from the end of summer last year.

Fresh from the farm herbs and eggs.

Today was one of those glorious days where warm weather converges with cloudy skies, an off and on drizzle and a slight chill in the air.

It provides respite from the hot summer days and hints at fall without completely taking summer off the horizon.

My little Miss wanted to harvest strawberries from her own garden for dinner. She took off with her basket and returned not only with several ripe berries, but chives and a large Zuchinni. She was bold picking that zuchinni – she doesn’t like the prickles the leaves have.

After visiting a rescue goat farm the earlier in the day we stopped at a small nursery with fantastic pricing. They carried several items we had been searching for and at an excellent price.

We might have gotten a little carried away!

We are wanting to get some perenial color established in the ever developing cottage garden. We sat by the garden and just talked, dreamed, planned. It is one of my favorite moments with my family. 

These beauties came into the house with my cut flowers. 

Francisco the resident deer ate most of our veggie starts down to 1 or 2 leaves early this spring. I had given up completely on cucumbers. But to my surprise these scrawney little plants have produced several plump cukes. They are all the more delicious straight from the garden.

I have been wanting a bunch of large stems reminiscient of eaucalyptus for a giant glass jar I have indoors. Laying in bed last night it hit me: trim the Smoke Bush!  Look at those amazing colors and the stems have the most gorgeous droop to them when placed in a vase. 

I have no idea how well they’ll last as a cut stem. 
But it is worth a try for a beautiful yet simple centerpiece.

Dinner was almost entirely from the garden and included: eggs, cukes, sungold tomatoes, strawberries, a itty-bitty walla walla onion, chives, carrots, and pickled beets we canned last year.

What is it about farm fresh food that tastes all the more yummy?
Well I’m off to dream about next years veggie garden!

Stop by again sometime!


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