January Garden – #growing50in2020

It’s time for the first update for my #growing50in2020 self given challenge.

Growing 50 in 2020
Growing 50+ varieties of flowers and vegetables from seed

A few weeks ago we realized that it was time to start the seeds that need to germinate 12 weeks before the last frost date. How are we at that point all ready? On the day I’m writing this there is snow on the ground and quite frankly I could go for even a bit more snow!

Snow Day On Our Mini Farm So Sunny Day Blog
Blue skies and snow on on the ground – doesn’t get much better than this!

The 3 items that needed to be started this early are: yarrow, bunching onions, and pink celery. That’s right, pink celery!

Pink Gladiolus So Sunny Day Blog
Pink Gladiolus from 2019.

I’m desperately hoping the celery from seed does better than a transplant my neighbor gave me a few years ago. It didn’t survive the winter.

Windmill Garden So Sunny Day Blog
What dreams are made of: barn red chicken coop, abundant garden and a beautiful windmill to anchor it all.

Oh and I’m also hoping for better yarrow growth as well. I tried to grow it years ago in our first home, but I had 2 factors working against me: terrible clay soil and my absolute inexperience in gardening. Let’s hope both the soil and my growing skills have improved since then!

Armfuls of blooms from the cut garden So Sunny Day Blog
Armfuls of blooms from the cut garden.

Since the seeds are still trying to sprout their first true leaves and are not much to look at, I’ll leave you with a memory of last year’s cut garden. Here’s to hoping that 2020 brings many more blooms!


  • Leah

    Hoping over from Instagram for another contest entry! So far I’ve just been starting my tree seeds inside for this year, but it’s really given me that itch for spring!

    • SoSunnyDay

      Jaclyn, Thank you so much for your kind words! I have never tried pink celery. but I understand it is supposed to taste the same. Just with skinnier stalks, I believe. We have been gardening and edible landscaping for 9 years. This was my first year doing the cut garden though. It was such a joy!

      Thank you for stopping by!

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