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It’s not always picture perfect around here…

Do you ever see those perfect picture of writer’s work spaces? It looks all glittery and cute and you know what? They are gorgeous! and I enjoy them greatly. I have even posted a few pretty ones myself. See? Isn’t that cute!

Guest Posts from So Sunny Day
Guest Posts from So Sunny Day

But here’s the deal. my work space is constantly changing………. and rarely looks picture perfect.

Ready for even more reality? I’m currently sitting at my cute little kitchen table with 2 ziplock bags of sprouting green beans and tomato seeds on the left, 2 unlit candles in front of me (heresy!) and 3 dirty dishes to my right. And I’m not even gonna move it before writing. Even more shocking, I know!

I’m listening to Roots and Refuge in the background as Jess walks me through her garden. (You like how I call her Jess? Like she knows me and we’re on a first name basis and we swap our favorite tomato seeds every year?

Oh how I wish!

All I’m sayin’ is I’d totally geek out if I ever met her or her sweet Miah in person.)

So Sunny Day Farm Fresh Eggs
Another task waiting to be done – packaging eggs!

Anyhow, the cat has now found some little toy and is running a muck around the house, and the pressure cooker with homemade refried beans is not sealing properly. So the home smells great, but I have no idea if they are cooking of just giving off steam.

What’s the point to all this rambling?

No idea. Just kidding. Here it is:

Life is not always picture perfect and that’s OK.

I think most of us have come to terms with that. But here’s where I feel that many of us, myself included, tend to let it get to us. Life may not be picture perfect and that’s OK… it goes on… but are WE personally actually OK with that?

Am I really OK with dirty dishes next to me so that I can crank out a deadline instead of having a glistening sink for a picture? I’m gonna have to be OK with it because it just so happens that it is my reality today. But it’s only my reality for today.

Did you catch that? For today. Just for today

Tomorrow I will have a pretty shinny sink… ok, maybe the next day. How does the saying go? Today’s not your day, sink. And tomorrow is not looking good either.

Don’t freak out.

My home is clean. I promise. But it is not picture perfect at all times. And I’m learning more and more how to be OK with that.

Because I want to be real.

My life is crazy busy. I love my life, and enjoy my jobs. I LOVE being a wife, mommy and homemaker. But all that busyness means that life will not always be picture perfect. And that’s OK.

I have to be OK with or or else the enemy will steal my joy and make me feel like a failure. And I refuse to give him that foothold.

When my home looks pretty and it glitter and gleams, I will show you that. I want to motivate myself and others.

But I also promise to share the reality with you… like dirty dishes on my writing space.

Unless otherwise noted, all photos are taken by yours truly and are exclusive content of this blog.

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