New Gardening Challenge and Our Garden Spaces

Growing 50 in 2020
Growing 50+ varieties of flowers and vegetables from seed.

This year we are embarking in a fun new adventure #growing50in2020 It’s an attempt to grow 50+ new to us flowers and veggies. Some are new varieties of foods or flowers we’ve grown in the past. Others are plants that are 100% new to our garden. Some we have grown before but we have never tried growing them from seed.

Are you ready to follow along on the adventure?

What can you expect? Regular updates here on the blog in journal format with plenty of pictures. You will see the real life successes and of course any failures, I mean learning opportunities. *wink*

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So which gardens will be seeing the addition of these 50 plants? Each one that we currently have cultivated… and even one thst we are adding this year.

Keep reading for a sneak peak of the garden spaces:

Black Hollyhock So Sunny Day Blog
Black Hollyhock in the cut garden.

Cut Garden

This was a new addition in 2019 and what joy it brought! The blooms that graced our tables and attracted hummingbirds and honeybees were such a delight. This year there will be several additions, both in varieties of flowers and of space. There is even talk of a keyhole garden space and maybe laying the foundation for a water feature? Yay!

Windmill Garden So Sunny Day Blog
What dreams are made of: barn red chicken coop, abundant garden and a beautiful windmill to anchor it all.

Windmill Garden

Oh the heart of the upper gardens, how I love you. This is where the bulk of our veggies and a few perennial blooms grow. The deer, bunnies and Henrietta the chicken devastated the onion crop last year and the weeds took several plants victim as well. Irrigation needs to be added as well.

Apple Harvest 2019 So Sunny Day Blog
We harvested 60 pounds of apples this year!


The main need in the orchard is to get all the trees back to good health. They were not in the best shape when we moved here almost 4 years ago and it has taken a lot of TLC from my hubby to get the apples and pears producing abundantly again. Those cherry trees are giving us a run for our money though! The other need that must be addressed is to add better weed barriers in the form of a thick wood chip layer and lots of ground cover.

Daffodils from So Sunny Day Blog
Daffodils from the driveway garden.

Driveway Orchard

This is an area that is very new. It currently has several fruit trees and a few ornamentals with flower bulbs. Hubby has mentioned that this long area lacks cohesiveness and flow. So you will see several additions of annuals for color and perhaps a new fruit tree or two!

Himalayan Honeysuckle So Sunny Day
Himalayan Honeysuckle hubby grew from seed! This one is almost 4 years old.

Still want some more garden and mini-farming goodness?

There will be plenty more trees and berries added above and beyond the #growing50in2020 because when it comes to gardening there is absolutely no self control involved. Am I right?

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