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Garden Journal – September

We harvested honey recently and it turns out that we had way more that we expected. It was 92 pounds. Oh my word! We were quite unprepared for that much honey, so currently every stock pot I own and a large metal bowl are full of honey… and that is besides the 5 gallon honey bucket that is already full to the brim! No complaints though. We are thankful for the abundance of honey.

Honey Harvest 2019 So Sunny  Day Blog
Uncapping the first frame.

The summer garden is quickly coming to an end.

Here in the gorgeous pacific northwest the leaves are changing color and we are already having to bundle up a bit to keep safe from the cooler winds that are rolling in.

Armful of Blooms from So Sunny Day Blog
Can you name all these beauties?

That means that is was time to pick last of the blooms from the cut garden. Sure we’ll have a few random ones here and there. But the armfuls of blooms that I have become accustomed to will no longer be available in a few short weeks.

Armful of Blooms from So Sunny Day Blog 1
Velvety looking zinnias.

Don’t get me wrong. Fall is my favorite season of the year. All those beautiful jewel tones that grace the landscape are mesmerizing to me. A walk or drive in the country with a honey latte in hand is all I need to make my heart happy during fall.

Armful of Blooms from So Sunny Day Blog 2
The very last gladiolus.

But the summer gardens have spoiled me.

Having fresh flowers ready just off my doorstep has been a dream of mine for 16 years. And this summer the new cut garden did not disappoint.

Armful of Blooms from So Sunny Day Blog 3
A few more roses.

September happens to contain one very special week that my hubby lovingly dubbed Emily-Palooza years ago. My birthday! ( and yes, he was the one that declared it a week-long celebration, not me. I’m not complaining though!)

Magnolia Market day So Sunny Day Blog
My birthday cake this year was a cupcake from the the silos bakery.

This year my birthday happened to coincide with a business trip he had, so the little one and I joined him. And it just so happened that he took us to none other than the Magnolia Silos in Waco, Texas for a day of inspiration and birthday shopping.

Magnolia Market day So Sunny Day Blog 1
What a fun atmosphere!

It was a fabulous experience and one I will not soon forget. At the end of the day all I could think about was getting home to decorate with my now goodies and get my hands back to creating in the garden.

Magnolia Market day So Sunny Day Blog 2
The roses in this little garden were so pretty.

But there was still a whole week of conferences for him and exploring for us to do as a family in the off hours: JFK memorial, Dallas World Aquarium and Zoo, Dallas Arboretum and of course Cracker Barrel.

Magnolia Market day So Sunny Day Blog 3
Something in this picture came home with me. Care to guess what it was?

To say we ended the summer with a bang is an understatement.

Hydrangea So Sunny Day Blog
Back home!

So long warm evenings in the garden and fresh veggies gracing the dinner table.

So long colorful blooms in abundance.

So long bare toes in the green grass.

Hello sweaters, boots and steaming cups of hot cocoa.

Welcome fall.

Unless otherwise noted, all photos are taken by yours truly and are exclusive content of this blog.

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