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Garden Journal – May Week 2

This week we are at that limbo state where the ground is just about warm enough for new seedlings, but not quite. And the seedlings are almost large enough to go out in the garden, but not quite. So I water on the hot days, snatch up a weed as I walk around and sit inside on the rainy days wishing for sun, yet thankful for the drops of water that refresh the land.

The geranium in the Peter Rabbit garden is blooming.

As I try to be patient for planting out the rest of the veggies, I can admire the cold season crops that are doing well. Look at the before and after of the Peter Rabbit cabbages below! They have a long ways to go, but what a difference in just one month!

After! Still a long way to go, but aren’t they pretty?

The seedlings in the greenhouse were doing fabulous… until a blazing hot day on Saturday. I was gone all day with a bestie from high school and didn’t water before leaving. Oh the damage that the sun did that day!

A moment of silence for my white pumpkins, zucchini, sugar pumpkins and sweet peas. You shall be missed…. and repurchased . *sigh*

Hang in there little watermelons!

On a happier note, the watermelon survived the unintentional greenhouse heatwave! yay!

Dreamy bites of cinnamon heaven!

My little girl and I had a mommy daughter day. Such fun to bake together! Other than the hot stuff at the oven, she did it all herself. She can use a kitchenaid mixer like a pro, I tell ya!

She made this pioneer woman recipe. They look so unassuming, but they taste fabulous – like non-greasy donuts. Need I say more?

Super simple recipe using pantry staples. So easy to make!
Bears? I vote coffee!

Part of girl’s day was to shop the antique/boutique stores together. I love that she’s into “oldens” shopping. (That is what she call anything vintage or antique. Love it!) If you want to see some of the pretties I drooled over on the girls day with her and another with my bestie, check out my Instagram highlights here.

Is there anything more satisfying than clean eggs right from the nesting boxes?

The ladies are back to laying 8-10 eggs a day. Such a lovely sight! Collecting fresh, clean eggs is such a satisfying farm job. Every time I’m out there all I can think of is, “I could do with a few more chickens.”

The New Ladies from l to r: Lily, Butter, Matilda, Honey Butter and Peaches. Not pictured is Maggie May.

Speaking of that, the 6 new chicks are growing and mostly fully feathered. That meant that was time to put them in our neighbor’s mobile brooder and set it by the chicken run so that the ladies can get to know each other a bit and also give the littles some outdoor time.

I never thought I would be the kind of person that would hold chickens, let alone enjoy it! FACT: I was terrified of them as a little girl!

Here’s Maggie May, a dominant copper.

By the way, we are wondering if this lavender orpington might be a rooster. What do you think?

Does this look like a roo to you?

I value this delicious home-feeling as one of the choicest gifts a parent can bestow.” ~Washington Irving

At the end of a long, but satisfying week it is a welcome sight to see the little farm all put to bed: hens on their new roost, the garlic gently bending in the breeze and the glow of the chicks brooder. I am reminded of God’s goodness and provision. We could have never imagined that this amazing place would be our home. As the week ends, my heart is filled with gratitude.

The veggie garden, the chicken coop and the chickie brooder – such a lovely sight!

What are you thankful for this week? I’d love to her about it!

Unless otherwise noted, all photos are taken by yours truly and are exclusive content of this blog.

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