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Garden Journal – May Week 1

Volunteer violas (or Johnny Jump Ups) and chives. by the front stairs – makes me smile.

It looks like the sun will be here to stay for a while. Hooray! Like I mentioned in an April Garden Journal entry, I don’t usually get down with the gray weather. But this year I was needing the bright sun to break through the mental fog

Isn’t this a stunning color combination!?!

There is a sweet little farmhouse close to our home that has gorgeous perennials for sale. Do you see those dilightful hues? Their prices are so reasonable that it is hard to not get carried away while browsing their selection. This beauty came home with me… along with 3 other perennials.

Maria Josefa Gonzales escaped and quickly found a place to rest under the deck.

Tonight we finished rebuilding the roost in the chicken coop. We came up with a fabulous idea for several rungs that are removable come cleaning time. Hubby made it all come together while our darling daughter ran back and forth between helping him and watering the greenhouse starts.

Pink colored Rhodies make me swoon.

There is color popping up everywhere and it’s making my heart sing. The forest has filled out and the first salmon berries are starting to peek out. I walked past an azalea in the cut garden bed and for the first time I realized that it has an incredibly sweet fragrance. Almost like a lilac. (Side note: one of the lilacs that Bob the deer devastated last year is making a comeback. Yes!)

When God paints the sky…. beautiful!

Hubby took me out for an impromptu dinner after a quick trip to Lowes the other night. The sky even cooperated with a romantic sunset as we exited the hardware store in out grubby gardening clothes. Ahhhh… my kind of date night!

Peter Rabbit sittin’ pretty in the cabbage patch!

As you probably know, we homeschool. One curriculum we have enjoyed this year is Five in a Row. She rowed the book Peter Rabbit at the co-op and since that day she has been waiting to turn the garden patch in front of her playhouse into a Peter Rabbit garden, which will include the plants seen and described in the book. And of course this cute little bunny!

Daddy and daughter working on the second Peter Rabbit Garden.

She amazes me every day with her recall of books we have studied! As we walked towards the garden on this day, she quoted from memory a full paragraph from the book that described the plants that Peter was running by as he fled from Mr. McGregor.

Peter and Rabbit and my daughter deep in conversation.

Her Grammy and Papi had a pine tree they needed to remove and had offered it to us. We were delighted to receive it, seeing as there are nowhere near enough evergreens on our property for someone who lives in the Pacific Northwest. It looks charming next to her playhouse. I’m already dreaming about Christmas lights on it and the playhouse this winter.

May is off to a wonderful start in the garden and on the mini-farm!

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