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Garden Journal – June Week 4

Well the garden seems to be kicking it into full gear, but ever so slowly for some reason.

Maybe I’m impatient. No, couldn’t be that right? ( says the world’s most impatient gardener ever.) But I digress.

First year growing cabbage. They look so pretty!

Between the luscious peonies and sweet orange roses that are blooming, there is another little flower that is popping up in the windmill garden (main veggie garden) and it makes the perfect compliment to every posy that graces my table.

Oh those sweet delicate notes of peony and rose mixed together.

There it is: sweet little Scabiosa.

I do believe that Scabiosa, or pincushion flower as it is commonly known, is a beauty that I need at least 25 more plants of.

When the posy in your hand looks like a heart you have to take a picture!

If you look real close you will see that each little stamen has a flat head about the size of a sewing pin. And they all stick out just like pins would on a pincushion

Could that be any cuter?

I just found out that there is also a lovely deep red Scabiosa… now I need no less than 25 of those as well


Meet Molly, Dottie and Hazel. They are Mottled Javas.

As we wrap up this month I would be remiss if I did not introduce you to the latest additions to our flock.

“Didn’t you just get 2 chicks a few weeks ago?” you say.

Why yes, yes we did. Clearly we have no self control when it comes to chicks. They really are the gateway animal.

Unless otherwise noted, all photos are taken by yours truly.

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