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Garden Journal – June Week 3

So Sunny Day Farmstand Visit
Isn’t this a pretty sight?!?

This week was a busy one for sure! I had a work trip that the whole family got to come along for. It was a short road trip, but we spent it with family and friends both at the conference and at the pool. On the way home we stopped at the darling farm pictured above. It included a fruit stand, petting zoo, cow-train rides and an amazing interactive kid’s play zone.

What a great time she had feeding the animals!

So Sunny Day Goat Feeding
Sheer joy!

The cut garden has come to life! I am no longer cutting only tiny posies. Full bouquets are gracing the kitchen island and the windowsill where I wash the dishes.

So Sunny Day Cut Garden
Roses, bachelor buttons, delicate pincushions,
soft bunny tails, variegated hostas, and fluffy peonies.

I have found a new love in bunny tails. Both the leaves and the grassy puff is as soft as the name implies! They add such charm to a bouquet. Also they were very easy to grow from seed.

So Sunny Day Egg Deliveries
Eggs for days!

Last Sunday I had egg orders to fill – 78 eggs needed to be washed and packaged up with a cute twine bow.

If you are familiar with the amazing way God made eggs you’ll know that they are laid with a protective coating called a bloom. It keeps the impurities from penetrating the porous egg shell. If you want to keep them on your kitchen counter for up to a month all you have to do is not wash the egg. Once washed they need to be refrigerated.

When we sell eggs I always clean them off. I simply could not package them with any poo or muck on them! Not only do they look prettier all cleaned up, it ensures that they are cleaned properly before use.

So Sunny Day Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble
The latest harvest turned into homemade strawberry rhubarb crisp. So much yum!

Even thought the rhubarb plants are till struggling this year, we were able pick just enough to make one strawberry rhubarb custard tart and 2 strawberry rhubarb crisps. I’m telling you crisps (or crumbles) are incredibly easy to put together and they make the house smell amazing.

Oh and they taste amazing too.

And with that, week three of June has come to an end…. and oh what a glorious sight it has ended with.

The heavens declare the glory of God.

Psalms 19:1

Yes indeed they do.

So Sunny Day Sunset on the Farm
Goodnight from the farm!

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