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Garden Journal – June Week 2

So Sunny Day polka-dot wellies and zucchini
Don’t be jealous of this amazing gardening outfit! haha!

This week my mom-in-love surprised us with a little visit. one of my cutie pie nieces was with her. My mama happened to be visiting and she, my daughter and I were all still in out fleece jammies after a late night slumber party. we decided to hit the garden with her anyways and we had a lof of fun chatting and watching my niece get such joy out of visiting the chickens.

While out there I noticed that the zucchini were looking a little limp, so I stood there in that fabulous outfit watering the windmill garden ( as we call it) and squinting in the sun.

So Sunny Day Farm Fresh Egg

Before heading in I gathered the eggs. Look at this perfectly clean beauty! The hens are laying steadily and we are looking forward to the fall when the new breeds will start laying. We should have a deep chocolate and olive egg color added to the mix.

This sweet little rose is deeply fragrant.

With my mom visiting I have snuck out to gather eggs, water the a withered plant and that is about it. Some weeks the garden is for working. Others it’s for enjoying from afar as we soak in family time.

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