Garden Journal – June Week 1

Oh sweet peonies, why do you have to come and grace the early summer garden with your intoxicating aroma just to leave is in a few weeks time? Your fluffy blooms and sweet color make the garden come to life. And the fragrance that you add to the indoors is ever so lovely.

I could spend all day with my nose stuffed into this fragrant bloom.

My home is full of clear and vintage blue mason jars stuffed to the brim with the delicate beauties. Oh how I’ll miss them when they’re gone!

They are loved by the ants though. And not the itty bitty ones. The big fat ones that make a crunch when you squash them as they hurry across the kitchen counter. Yuck. So I tried an experiment this year. I sprinkled DE all over the plant while the blooms were still closed. Worked like a charm! Only one or two rogue ants made it in the house.

Itty bitty Alpine strawberries – Fragaria vesca

The pretty and yummy ground cover that is Alpine Strawberries has begun to produce fruit. They have a very flowery/perfumey strawberry taste, but in a good way. Wonderful to sprinkle in your pancakes while they are cooking.

Meet Rose and Olivia!

I returned from an event and there was a heat lamp on in the garage. Hmmmm…. supposedly we were done with raising chicks for this year. Hubby and daughter had gone to a local co-op and found these little beauties. They are olive eggers, though we aren’t sure how deep their color will be. Come this fall we will find out! I have been so excited discovering all the different egg colors that it has become a fun challenge to not only add beautiful hens to the flock but beautiful egg colors as well.

Honeyberries – Lonicera caerulea

The earliest edible to grace our garden is usually the honeyberry. It sort of reminds my of a blueberry and a grape tastewise.

This year hubby discovered that the flavor is even more intense when you freeze them and munch ’em up as little frozen snacks. Oh my yummyness, a treat indeed! This year we saved three ziplock sized baggies in the freezer for the winter months when other grocery store berries are no longer sweet and juicy.

Little by little the garden is coming to life and it looks like it will be a good year in the garden. Now please excuse me while I run off to munch on the sweet treats from the garden.

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