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Garden Journal – July

Good grief was July ever busy! That’s OK, but it certainly did cut into how often I could dedicate time to the blog.

The fragrance of this rose is outstanding. I wish I knew the name.

Between either co-hosting an event at someone’s home or hosting events at our home, every weekend was taken up. Fortunately the garden was at a place where it needed water, occasional deadheading and some harvesting. Other than that all other projects could wait if necessary.

Except for the zucchini. It stops growing for no one.

No joke, I picked one that came up to my knee when upright. My knee, people. The chickens got to enjoy that one.

Cut Garden So Sunny Day Blog
Bunny tails, cone flowers, lavender and an Annabel hydrangea ll from the cut garden.

In other news, the cut garden is perking up even more and bunny tail grass has become a new favorite. I shall never again grow a garden without bunny tails. Even the tall, skinny leaves are velvety soft to the touch. Such fun.

Annabel Hydrangea So Sunny Day Blog
So pretty!

The ever delicate and lacy Annabel Hydrangea is not only gracing the garden with her sweet presence, but I have stuffed one of the giant puffs into as many glass jars and vases as I can fit on the surfaces of out home.

Hubby on the other hand decided to add giant googly eyes to one of them. Apparently we each have our own decorating style.

Zinnia So Sunny Day Blog
Is there anything more perfect than a zinnia puff?

The hens are loving the long days but the heat is getting to them. And me. We are both constantly hydrating. And sitting in front of a fan. Well me, not the hens.

I love it when the eggs are this clean.

Hubby and daughter suited up to work the hive mid July. She got stung once on the hand. Poor girl.

He got stung 7 times on one hand, almost entirely on the same finger. Y’all we found out that even if you’re not allergic to bee stings, that many in that short amount of time will cause your hand to swell like no other. It was unrecognizable.

My two apiarists.

The one happy accident from this incident was that one of the frames fell and broke, leaving behind a whole frame’s worth of capped honey.

He brought it indoors and we have happily made the sacrifice of savoring our home-raised honey a month or two early. The frame is slowly draining onto a cookie sheet and it’s taking up a whole ovens worth of space while doing so… but as I said, I’m willing to give up the space for rich, golden honey.

Unless otherwise noted, all photos are taken by yours truly and are exclusive content of this blog.

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