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Garden Journal Entry – April Week 4

This week started off with really mucky weather. I don’t consider myself someone who is often affected by dark skies and rain. More often than not I enjoy it. Unless I’ve straightened my hair. Then the drizzles are not appreciated my this frizzy haired woman! But for some reason I have been really down with these gray days. No amount of spring cleaning indoors, planting in the greenhouse or planning the garden had taken away that down feeling. Honestly, I was simply out of sorts.

Chickens and mud puddles – a recipe for little kid fun.

Then the sun showed up towards the end of the week. The spring chill could still be felt on the breeze but the sun’s rays were piercing through just enough to be outdoors without a jacket. It was glorious. My soul drank in the refreshment it needed. I can’t tell you that my problems went away in an instant and that everything was coming up roses in a blink of an eye But it did wonders to lift my spirits. One day at a time, right?

Peter Rabbit Cabbages.

The Peter Rabbit cabbages (that’s my daughter’s name for them) are growing really well. Although the 2 that we planted no less that 6 feet away are doing awful. The asparagus that I thought had just decided to die altogether is now producing 5 shoots with more on the way. Most will be too small to eat, but we have one that is ready. No, not one whole heavily producing crown. One spear. Sigh. Oh well. I will harvest it and will enjoy it immensely for dinner one of these days.

Chicken shanty made pretty by these brightly colored tulips.

I lost a few pickling cuke starts. So sad when they dampen off! But several were weak when I transplanted them, so it was no surprise. The starts that are going strong so far are articokes, tomatoes, and black hollyhocks. The rest are all too little to really know just yet.

We’ve started to soak the feed for the hens and they are loving it. Today I noticed that they are eating less as well. I guess it does fill them up more after all! On Thursday “Henrietta, a cukoo moran, was squawking up a storm! Do you remember the scene from The Music Man with the song, “Cheep, cheep, cheep. Talk a lot, pick a little more”? Well that was Henrietta. Nothing I did made her happy and she scolded us for at least 20 minutes without stopping. Shortly after I found her happily taking a dust bath. Fickle hen.

Hello, Cutes!

It’s time to move over the temporary pen that the chickens are in. If you recall, they are currently clearing the space for our new cut flower bed. I’m dying to get in there and plant 2 new peonies, 3 new roses and irises. Annuals that reseed easily will be soon to follow.

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Is the weather cooperating in your neck of the woods? How is your garden shaping up?

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