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Garden Journal – August

Well if July was crazy busy than August was even worse. But in a good way. So much fun… but oh so little sleep. Once again we hosted several events (hey, we have to take advantage of the sun while it’s here in the beautiful PNW!)

Who knew Bachelor Buttons came in such a deep purple!

Two of those special events were are a birthday party for my wonderful mom and our sweet daughter’s minnie mouse birthday party with friends and family.

It was a sea of red, black, white and polka dots. She was beaming from ear to ear.

Blooms for my mom’s party that were from our garden.

When we moved to this beautiful home with acreage our intent was to host events here as often as we could. To bless others with this peaceful setting was a goal. One aspect I had not anticipated was the peace of mind for our guests with little ones.

Itty Bitty Chamomile So Sunny Day Blog
Hello there, itty bitty chamomile.

When we go to a large public setting, the babes and kiddos who are wiggly keep their mommy and daddy on their toes. They have to run after them and rarely get a chance to sit and eat or chat with the other families.

More party flowers from our cut gardens.

But here we have wide open spaces for them to run and few places are completely off limits. There are chickens to feed and tomatoes to pick ripe off the vine. There’s no fighting over who gets to play sports first because there is plenty of room to do it in.

Farm So Sunny Day Blog
Our little homestead.

All that is done with the beautiful backdrop of the blooming cut gardens, the orchard buzzing with honeybees, the delicious vegetable garden, the red chicken coop with white trim, and the beauty from the woods of the Pacific Northwest.

This is home. This is a gift. It feels like a little slice of heaven here on earth.

Unless otherwise noted, all photos are taken by yours truly and are exclusive content of this blog.

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