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Garden Journal April – Week 3

This has been a rough week for me personally as my health just won’t cooperate. Nevertheless, I made it out to the garden one day all bundled up for a very short time to check on the seedlings and up-pot them.

Peach Sunflowers – that sounds lovely!

I may have gone overboard with seedlings this year. But there are 3 reasons why:

*Some seeds are older and may not germinate. So I need backups, just in case.

*We are trying to increase out “food factory” production. In other words, eat off our land year round as much as possible. That means we need more plants to produce more food.

*And finally… because it’s just the way I am. If I’m going through the trouble of planting 5 cukes, why not have 25 instead? I can always share with a friend if I get too many, right?

We have such great dreams for what our little mini-farm/homestead will be.

Above all, we want this to be a place that will bless others.

A place where events can be held: the youth group can slip and slide, we can have a barbecue and tell jokes late into the night around the fire, kids and adults can come play farm for a day. And we hope that these events and times of sharing would open the door to showing the love of God and Salvation through Him.

Because Christ is the center of our home. An unseen guest at every meal. And if I may add… a welcome guest in the garden.

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