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Garden Journal – April Week 2

We arrived home from our anniversary vacation with so many plans that we couldn’t wait to get started. We jumped out of the car and only unloaded the new plants that had been purchased while we were away. Our suitcases and all the random pillows and snacks stayed in the car. Priorities.

We greeted all the animals, quickly donned our wellies and set about our garden doings. Hubby added several plants to the now growing dinosaur garden.

Darmera Peltata or Indian Rhubarb – I don’t think it’s edible though.

I checked the seeds in the greenhouse. Nothing new had sprouted. Bummer. But the reality is that it had only been 3 1/2 days…. sooooo…. nothing should have sprouted. I was just so anxious. Oh well.

Tomato and zinnia seedlings.

The tomato, cucumber and black hollyhock seedlings were looking great and strong as ever, We have 25+cucumber plants. And I am planning on planting another packet of a slicing variety. Have mercy. That will be a lot of cukes. Good thing they are one of my favorites.

Hello there little cuke!

By the end of the day the weather had turned wet and mucky and that set the precedent for the rest of the week.

This little bugger was trying to make it’s way into the greenhouse!

For several years I have wanted a cut flower bed. There simply wasn’t room at the other house for a dedicated bed, although I stuffed flowers in everywhere I could! But here, the wide open space is readily available. And at the same time it is completely intimidating. What if I choose the wrong place? What if we need that spot for something else? The night before installing our arches we decided to commit to a place for the cut flower bed and just do it. Thank you, Nike, for that motivational word.

Chicken shanty = cut flower bed tilled and fertilized.

The chickens will do a much better job of clearing the new plot and they can fertilize it too. So we set up a temporary pen and it now looks like a shanty in our front yard. But I don’t care. It’s worth it. They will provide a new garden bed, we can make some improvements to their coop, the hops plant can have time to take root in their pen and they can enjoy fresh, green grass and grubs. Win win all around.

Tomorrow they are forecasting a break in the wet weather. Then the clouds roll back in the next day and then hello, rain!

How are the gardening conditions in your neck of the woods?

Unless noted, all photos are taken by yours truly and are exclusive content of this blog.

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