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Garden Journal – April Week 1

This is a weekly update on what’s happening on our little homestead and in our lives. I will try to be as consistent as possible to hopefully inspire you and motivate myself as we continue to grow this mini-farm. But I totally reserve the right to skip a week whenever I’m having just too much fun in the garden and can’t be bothered to write. Just sayin’. 🙂

April – WEEK 1

We finally have enough daffodils to cut and still look pretty out in the fields. Yay!

Happy Anniversary to us! We went away for a few days to a favorite vacation place. It’s perfect: a historic maritime city with countless places to explore, scenic views and a ferry ride away from where we live.

The view from our cabin!

And who wouldn’t love a view like this when opening up their cabin door in the morning?

Love my hunky hubby!

On our actual anniversary we spent the day at our home playing in the garden. We built several garden arches a la Roots and Refuge style.

My mom had been promising our little girl a camping day. So they played in the camper all day late into the evening before we all had s’mores out by the garden and they headed inside to sleep. It’s warmer and the indoor plumbing is more accessible in a house, don’t ‘cha know? 🙂 They played all day together and then wen’t to Grammy’s house for a slumber party.

Do you enjoy musicals too?

Hubby and I stayed about 15 minutes out of the town we were visiting, in the country, in a dinky cabin with a view of the valley. We watched old musicals on VHS while snuggled up with a simple charcuterie  board. We explored the surrounding cities and shopped the main strip in town. Simply perfect.

Simply stunning view

Our last evening we watched the sunset over the water. It was sweet. Romantic. Perfect. Just what we needed before coming home to business at work and the homestead.

What have you been up to in the garden or your homestead? Is the work overwhelming or it is a slower paced time for you?

Unless otherwise noted, all photos are taken by yours truly and are exclusive content of this blog .

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