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Garden Journal – April Last 3 Days

So much was going on these last 3 days of April! It was crazy busy. The garden and mini farming can be a lot of work, and yet it also refreshed my energy and inner strength. ahhh…

Honey Bee Time!

The highlight of the week was having 2 nucs of bees arrive. They weighed 6 lbs each and both were looking healthy. Hubby is the only one of us two with a bee suit so he placed them in the hives. I stood at what I thought was a safe distance…. and a blasted honey bee stung my right on the belly! Then another stung me on the leg. Seriously?!?! Oh well. The one on my stomach is still red and quite angry looking. Not sure why. Any thoughts?

I love how this picture turned out! Aren’t honey bees so beautiful?

The garden is moving along. This is that part of the planting season that I get really impatient and want to be in full harvest mode. It feels like such a long wait till we get to harvesting season! But I’m sure that before I know it the garden will be overflowing with produce and I’ll have trouble keeping up with it.

My little farm girl.

We are trying to grow enough food to last us a whole year, when preserved. We have done so in the past with pickled beets, dilly beans and applesauce. But we had to ration them a bit. We are looking for abundance in the pantry and also extra to give away.

How are we tackling this goal? Glad you asked!

*Each year we are growing at least some of all the items we wish to eventually be self sufficient in.

*We are also growing a few “for-fun” crops. I’m looking at you, mosaic corn!

*Each year we are choosing 3-4 crops that we will high intensity plant and preserve. This will not only give us lots to consume fresh, give away, and preserve, but it will also give us a fair idea of how much we need to plant each year in order to meet our needs/wants. This year’s focus is on potatoes, green beans, pickling size cukes, and garlic. Onions were on that list…. till Henrietta the chicken got in there and scratched up almost 300 starts. I was not a happy camper that day.

Henrietta is on the left. (Cuckoo Maran)

The hens have done a great job of clearing out and fertilizing the first half of the new cut garden bed. We moved their temporary pen over to the last area that needs to be cleared. Within a week or so they’ll be back in their coop and run.

A girl and her hen… it’s a beautiful thing!

I think that sums up the last few days.

On to May! How is that even possible?!?!

What happened in the month of April that you are excited for?

Unless otherwise notes, all photos are taken by yours truly and are exclusive content of this blog.

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