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Friday Favorites – Homeschool Edition #2

Biscuit Phonics Fun (My First I Can Read)

Practicing reading with your little ones is both rewarding and like pulling teeth.

You: Ok, let’s sound out this CVC word.

Child: D-O-G… bicycle!

You: {forehead bangs the table}

As long as you have to go through the frustrations of early reading while you wait for the breakthrough moment when they get it, why not do it with books that have darling pictures and cute story lines?

Link to these books at the end of the post.

My daughter absolutely loves the little stories and the pictures are so detailed. She gets the biggest kick out of being able to read a whole book that looks like a grown up book.

The phonics concepts are built upon one another as you continue in the mini series.

My darling little reader!

Our favorite way to use these little readers is in the car. I will pull 2-3 of them that go along with our phonics lesson or a topic we are studying at home or in co op. She reads them to me as we commute to and from events and run errands. They are simple enough to build confidence in her while at the same time challenging her to sound out brand new words. If she gets stuck, she’ll spell the word out for me. No need for me to look in the mirror, reach back for the book or some other unsafe driving practice.

This is the set that we use:

Want other fun Biscuit books and gear? Click below!

What are your favorite reading helps for early readers?A

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