Cut Garden Additions for 2020

If you have read the last two posts in this mini-series then you know which are my favorite blooms from the cut garden this past year and which didn’t make the cut for the upcoming year.

Orange Rose So Sunny Day Blog
What a pretty bloom and in my favorite color no less!

Now it’s time to share what we will be adding to the cut garden for the upcoming year. Some are new additions to our mini-farm and others are a completely new experiment for us.

Love Lies Bleeding Amaranth So Sunny Day Blog
Love Lies Bleeding Amaranth. Picture courtesy of Wikipedia.

Love Lies Bleeding Amaranth

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am for this beauty. Those long, droopy blooms are dreamy. I have heard that it is relatively easy to start from seed, so that is what we’re going to try. From what I understand the name came about in the oh so romantic Victorian era. According to Wikipedia: “During the Victorian era, specific flowers had different meanings. Love-lies-bleeding stood for hopeless love or hopelessness in the Victorian language of flowers. Let’s hope this romantic bloom doesn’t leave me hopeless… see what I did there? Punny.

Dahlia and Bunny Tails So Sunny Day
Dahlia and Bunny Tails.

Dahlia grown from from seed

Dahlias remind me of my grandma. When we were newlyweds she mentioned that she’d like to go to a dahlia show held near the house. So my mom, hubby and I took her and what a show it was! I’m sure I had seen dahlias in random boquets before but never had I seen them displayed as a single bloom in a bud vase in all their splendor. Giant puffs of reds, pink, yellow and white filled the community meeting hall. That day I decided to buy as many dahlia tubers as I could… and then I saw the price tags. Never mind! It was not until just this last year that we added one to the landscape. It was an itty bitty dahlia from a local plant stand, but boy did it ever produce beautiful blooms! (See picture above.)

Even though our garden budget is more generous this year than it was 16 years ago, I still can’t bring myself to pay upwards of $7.00 for one tuber just yet. We still have so many spaces that need love and attention on the property that I can’t justify the price. So the next best thing is dahlia seeds. The only issue is that they are not necessarily true to the parent’s color. But you know what? I don’t care.  Any color dahlia is better than none!

Himalayan Honeysuckle So Sunny Day
Himalayan Honeysuckle hubby grew from seed! This one is almost 4 years old.

Himalayan Honeysuckle

This beauty is almost a perennial/evergreen in our Zone. (Not sure about others.) Clusters of chocolate berries droop from the branches giving it a mini-grape like appearance. The berries are edible and taste like a 90%-100% dark chocolate. It should provide the pop of color we need in the fall and some of the winter months when the cut garden looks like nothing more than a flat ground. I should clarify that I have no idea how the branches will work in a cut arrangement. This addition is for aesthetic beauty. We’ll have see how the foliage does in an arrangement.

Himalayan Honeysuckle 2 So Sunny Day Blog
Look at those beautiful clusters of berries.

How about you? What new blooms are you adding to the cut garden this year?

Unless otherwise noted, all photos are taken by yours truly and are exclusive content of this blog.


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