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We were at the beach on the pacific coast. The winds blew hard enough to need my ears covered, but light enough to be out in a long sleeve tee and rolled up jeans. No heavy jackets were needed that day. Little girl was running in and out  of the water with no care for whether or not she was soaked or sandy. Her squeals filled the air as she hopped from tide pool to tide pool and then ran into the shallow waves that lapped the glittering sand. The sun was not close to setting and yet there was this glorious feeling of the softness that the evening rays give as they poke between the clouds and give them golden linings. The scene in front of me was a rainbow of blues. Every shade imaginable seemed to be represented in the sky and the water. The horizon was lined with the waves that crashed the furthest away and the shore shone with the shallow waters that rolled over the sand. The sand seemed to sparkle. The water was cool. I wanted to capture this moment, but a picture hardly did it justice. A video didn’t cut it either. Sure they captured the view of the memory and I would treasure those moments etched on film. But how could I capture the feeling deep down in my soul? 

I prayed, thanking God for this marvelous creation. I kept saying over and over, “Let me drink this all in and not forget how this very moment makes me feel.” I smiled and tilted my head back in the wind. “Don’t ever let me be too hurried so that I miss the glory of your creation. I want to see your name written on all of it. Don’t let me miss the fullness of who you are and what you’ve made.” 

And it was as if he spoke to my heart saying, “Look down.” I opened my eyes. Running past me was my little girl. Her braids full of salt and sand. Shorts and sleeves were soaked with the sea. Without a care in the world she hollered, “Yippie-kai-yay!” Flashing me her sweet smile that makes me melt, she giggled and ran back and forth in front of me letting the sand squish between her toes and kicking the water high up in the air. 

“A sample of my glory is in front of you every day. She is my creation. She is my child. My name is written on her heart and in her life. When you savor the wonder of your daughter you are enjoying my creation.” 

I shifted my focus. 

It was now completely on her. The shades of blue were no longer as captivating. Instead they provided the perfect backdrop, framing her little face. Highlighting the two freckles on her cheek. Those little hands waved in the air. How could they be so big already and yet still so little? The sun now made the little curls that peeked out from under the sides of her hat shine like gold. My prayer intensified. Tears threatened to fill my eyes. 

“God, don’t let me miss the wonder of you reflected in her life. You made something good when you made her.”
My sweet friends, savor the wonder of your family. They’re not perfect. Mine isn’t. No one’s is. That’s ok. We all make mistakes, get frustrated and have less than ideal days. But that doesn’t mean that the part of God’s creation that has been given to you – your family – is any less beautiful and valuable. Strive to see the good and the mysterious hand of God in them. Especially on a frustrating day. It will help refocus your heart and your thoughts. 

Praise the Lord for your family. 
Give Him the glory for them.

It’s been weeks since we’ve been on the shore… and I still find myself transporting back to that moment in my thoughts… 


Remembering the day that I drank in the glory of God’s creation.
And how His little creation, my daughter, is a reflection of Him.
What memories refocus your heart 
on the blessing that your family is?

When was the last time that you decided to just 
sit and soak up the beauty of your family?

I would love to hear your thoughts about the wonder of God 
that you see in your family in the comments below!

All pictures are exclusive content of this blog unless otherwise noted. 
Thanks to my mother for capturing this moment on film. 


  • amythetford89

    What an absolutely beautiful picture you’ve painted here of the mighty God we serve! I think we all tend to take for granted those things which truly matter most when we are caught up in the day-to-day “busy-ness”. It’s such an amazing thing when we see His goodness reflected in our kids. Then, we are left awe-struck as we are reminded in a seemingly inconspicuous moment, how wonderful He truly is and how blessed we really are!

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