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A Valentines Not Focused On Me

It is sooooo easy to focus only on yourself and who or what you don’t have on valentines. Maybe you’re like these two today.

Well my dear I am here to challenge your Valentine’s Day Blues. Because here is the deal: if you’re all alone when everyone else is getting roses and chocolates it does stink. But what would happen if you turned that all around by doing just one little thing – stop focusing on what you didn’t get this year and focus solely on how you can show love to someone else . *Gasp*

“I’m supposed to forget that my love life/friendships are in fact not TV perfect?”


Because if you take 15 minutes today to fill someone else’s day with love and joy it will bless your heart so much that your focus will shift from what you do not have to what you do have – a kind heart, a giving heart, and joy to spread to others.

My little girl’s valentines gift for her great grandparents. Yep, she loves to bake with mama.

So here are my 7 quick ways to get the focus off what you don’t have this Valentines day:

  1. Go buy yourself coffee and pay for the person behind you. Leave a little note with the barista for that person. Nothing lovey. Just a quick, “I hope this bought you joy and made you feel cared for on Valentines day.”
  2. Buy a single rose at the store and give it a cashier that has to work late. Let them know you appreciate their kind and joyful service.
  3. Ding-dong ditch some candy your neighbor’s doorstep.
  4. Bake (or buy) cookies and take them to a retirement home and drop them off at the welcome desk/entryway. If you’re feeling brave, stay and chat with someone and ask them to tell you their number one tip for a successful life. You’ll have some great conversations!
  5. Take a big box of chocolates to your doctors office, dentist, athletic club, etc.- somewhere that you just go in and out without much interaction. It will totally brighten their day and yours.
  6. Focus on the truest love of all: God’s love. A line from a devotional on love from the Billy Graham website reads, “Valentine’s Day brings good news because–whether single, married, divorced, separated, or any other sort of status–people can connect to the best kind of love, God’s love. And Valentine’s Day recognizes a holiday of taking time to show affection, to bring a little more meaning into everyday actions.” So good! Read the rest here
  7. Don’t sit at home moping. Yes, eat the chocolate, ice cream and binge watch Netflix. But before you do that write a list of everything that you can think of that to be thankful for. Gratitude lists are not just for thanksgiving, people.

So there you have it! No more excuses to feel sorry for yourself on Valentines Day. Get on out there and spread the love, people.

Spread it like a little kid spreads peanut butter on anything and everything in their way.

How are you going to show love to someone this year?

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