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5 Simple Ways To Overcome Your Creative Slump

How To Reignite Your Creativity 1

Some days the creativity flows like Niagara Falls.

Other days I wonder if I can even whip up a bit of inspiration from the thoughts rattling around in my brain.

One thing I know for sure is that if I’m in a creative slump, I can fall back on any one of these 5 ideas for breaking through the fog and will soon be producing inspired work once again.

Keep reading if you too need to break out of that fog.

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1. Make a date to meet up with a friend that inspires you. 

This doesn’t even need to be a friend that is creative in the same way  you are. It just needs to be someone that feeds your creative heart. Someone with whom it simply brings you joy just to be together. Someone who is a dreamer and a visionary.

Maybe you don’t even speak once of your personal creative endeavors. All you do is discuss their goals and current projects. But it’s their attitude towards the impossible being attained that motivates you. We have some friends that motivate us with their attitude towards tackling new projects. When we are on our way to spend time with them there is a sense of anticipation because we know that we are going to be coming home late at night all amped up and ready to tackle a new project.

They are the reason why we have chickens.

12 chickens to be exact.

OK, the quantity was totally us getting carried away, but the push to go for it was all them.

Some seasons I just need to be in the presence of those sweet friends that, without their realizing, it are an encouragement to me. We can talk about anything and everything and often our conversations end with promises of support through prayer or even a prayer right there in the coffee shop. After we are together, my soul is refreshed.

5 Ways to Reignite Your Creativity So Sunny Day Blog 1

Look how cute Cookie Dough’s mustache is!

2. Change your “spot” where you create. 

Cookie Dough the cat helped me see this one. This little kitten loves to snuggle. So of course in the evenings I do my best to bond with her and overcome my previous lack of cat love. It just so happens that I settled in to snuggle with her and rediscovered an overlooked little nook of coziness that has a fantastic view of our forever home property. Perfect for writing and editing.

Some days I need to go to a coffee shop, listen to music and just write whatever thought enters my mind at the moment. It could be morning pages style, brain dump or copying quotes for personal enrichment. Other days the back balcony overlooking the plum trees in our yard is refreshing to my soul.

Don’t be scared to change it up – even if it’s for one day.

3. Listen to upbeat, yet non-distracting music.

This is a favortite youtube chanel of mine: Cafe Music BGM Channel  The music is just the right mix to keep you focused while energized.

When I am sitting down for a long session or writing I’ll listen to this station.

If I’m running around with a glue gun crafting or decorating my home I prefer something like this.

I have yet to find a station on the channel that I don’t enjoy.

4. This may sound absurd, but don’t knock it till you try it… change your clothes.

That’s right. Don’t wear your regular “creating uniform.” If you tend to get dressed down to shoes spend a day in your jammies creating. And visa versa, if you are a “wear your pjs creative mind,” get dressed up – even if you’re staying at home all day. If you wear a smock while painting, get a cheap outfit at the goodwill that you feel like dynamite in but could care less about getting ruined.

Do What You Love So Sunny Day Blog

5. Treat yourself before meeting a creative goal.

We tend to wait till a task has been accomplished before rewarding ourselves with a pedicure, extra cappuccino, or new outfit. But next time you need to reinvigorate your creativity try doing it first as a catalyst for inspiration or just simply a kick start for feeling good. Don’t want to spend much? Try soaking your feet in warm water, Epsom salts and essential oils before or while you work.

Call a friend for no reason and chat while sipping coffee.

Eat the last piece of chocolate all by yourself… before a meal, not even as dessert.

Whatever floats your boat and feels like a treat, do it.

5 Ways to Reignite your creativity So Sunny Day

If you are in a creative slump I hope you will try one or more of these ideas to break out of it.

What do you do to break a creative slump?

I’d love it if you shared below!

Unless otherwise noted, all photos are taken by yours truly and are exclusive content of this blog.  *Thank you to my dear friend Claudia for sharing the coffee cup photo from our girls day.*


  • Nicole

    I really enjoyed this list. I have changed my location even though our office doubles as a craft space. I have even changed clothing but I love the idea of treating myself beforehand. I will be trying that TODAY! Thank you for sharing. 🙂

    • SoSunnyDay

      Nicole, I’m thrilled this helped you and I am looking forward to hearing how your productive/creative day went. Keep on being creative and letting your talents grow! Stay in touch! 🙂
      ~ Emily

  • Ceri

    These are great tips! As a writer I often find myself in a creative slump and suffering from writers block. Moving my creative space usually works well for me, but I love the idea of changing my clothes! I’ll defo be trying that next time. And of course treating myself, I won’t leave that one out 😉

    • SoSunnyDay

      Thank you for your kind words, Ceri! I’m so glad that these tips motivated you to try something new to get out a creative slump. Have a fabulous day!
      ~ Emily

  • Karina

    These are such great tips! I love changing rooms whenever I’m feeling stuck. Sometimes working on my bed is the only way I can get things done. And meeting up with friends great too, it definitely helps seeing things from a new perspective! I’ll need to try the clothes tip next time. 🙂

    • SoSunnyDay

      Thanks, Jess! I’m so happy it was helpful. 🙂 I hope you have been a productivity ninja since the workshop last week!
      ~ Emily

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